Basbug Group

Our company, operating in the field of Automotive Spare Parts, always relies on customer satisfaction in its activities and considers knowledge as one of its most valuable assets. Our company takes all necessary managerial and technical measures to ensure quality information security.

Accordingly, to ensure the continuous development of our integrated management system within our organization: we undertake identifying information assets and their impact on business: cost of replacing the asset, confidentiality of information, impact on image, damage it will cause in terms of legal and judiciary obligations, possibility of threats: multiplicity of weaknesses and the extent to which existing controls can cover these weaknesses, to be able to identify and evaluate risks related to privacy, integrity and access of information by addressing vulnerabilities in access controls and hazards related to the integrity of information, to implement the necessary controls for all assets above the acceptable risk level, to manage information assets, to determine security values, needs and risks of assets, to develop and implement controls for security risks, to ensure the quality and information security requirements arising from the national or international regulations to which our company is subject, meeting the legal and related regulatory requirements, meeting the obligations arising from the agreements and corporate responsibilities for internal and external stakeholders, to control quality and cost effective infrastructure and integrated management information security, protection and improvement of processes to measure performance over time, to create targets from such data to minimize our weaknesses and threats through infrastructure, work environment, hardware, software, and training investments, to ensure that our business meets legal requirements required by our customers and meet the safety requirements.

Chief Executive Officer