Basbug Group

InternatIonal Sales RepresentatIve TraInIng Program

With our program, which is a first in Turkey, we respond to the demand of qualified labor force of the sectors we are involved in under the umbrella of our Başbuğ Auto Spare Parts brand. By giving our students a different perspective on their target areas, we pave the way for them to offer added value to imports and exports. With this mission, we expand our scope and develop our program with each new period.

2018 period:

In the first year of our program, we have given the opportunity to be a sales manager in various countries of the world to the young people who continue their education in Turkey.

After a 10-month training process aimed at creating a full-time employee for foreign trade, international sales, technical training and field applications, 3 successful students started their jobs in Europe, Asia and Africa.

2019 term:

The scope of our project expanded in its second year with our Turkish students.

Our successful students who are studying in automotive and automotive engineering departments or have just graduated have had the chance to be employed in Başbuğ Auto Spare Parts, which is growing and creating added value to the sector.

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