Basbug Group

GROWING LOGISTICS CENTER, GROWING TARGETS! Basbug Spare Parts, distributor of high quality parts in 81 cities of Turkey... more... January 2020

Together & Forever with the “45’s” Basbug! As the years go by, vinyls, in other words, the 45's never get old... more... January 2020

Nonstop continue master training with Başbuğ and Schaeffler! Schaeffler, one of the leading companies in the sector serving with... more... October 2019

Customers who have earned holiday tickets for their purchases, made their summer with Başbuğ! After shopping for products of certain brands supplied by Başbuğ Oto... more... September 2019

Technical Innovation Award at UMAKIT with BSG Auto Parts! Bursa Uludağ University Machinery Group (UMAKIT) students, once again sponsored by BSG Auto Parts... more... August 2019

Başbuğ Family At the same table in every Ramadan Başbuğ Family, celebrated Ramadan's joy, peace and happiness... more... July 2019

Corporate Games: Enthusiasm of Winning in Istanbul Basbug Group took part in soccer and backgammon matches in Corporate Games Istanbul... more... May 2019

BSG Auto Parts, Supporting Young Athletes! BSG Auto Parts sponsored the Topkapı Schools Men's Volleyball Team more... May 2019

There is time for business and time for entertainment at the great Basbug Meeting Başbuğ Auto Spare Parts brought together important suppliers and customers of the sector... more... April 2019

BSG Auto Parts Training Seminars BSG Auto Parts, which serves its customers with high quality product policy... more... April 2019

Hand In Hand with Obstacles NEV family came together with Association president Şükrü Boyraz,... more... February 2019

BSG a must-have for the Frankfurt Automechanika! The biannual Automechanika, the world's largest international trade expo... more... September 2018

BSG Auto Parts at Moscow Automechanika Fair! Between 27-30 August BSG has attended the “Annual MIMS – Automechanika” in Moscow... more... August 2018

Başbuğ Auto Wind in Automechanika Istanbul Başbuğ Auto Spare Parts also participated in Automechanika Istanbul exhibition... more... April 2018